Featured Alpine Skis

Alpine skiing is a famous sport and recreational activity that involves sliding down the snow covered hills using thin and long skis that are attached to the foot. Basically this sport came into existence from cross country skiing. This sport is popular in countries like Japan, North America and Europe where there is are mountain slopes covered with snow and enough infrastructures for the tourists.

In Alpine skiing, skiers face major technical difficulties like controlling the direction and speed while descending downhill. A beginner usually use snow plough which is a technique to turn and stop where one or both the skis are inward while a trained skier use speedier methods which are also elegant. Another faster method known as carving is mostly used by experts wherein the skier rolls his knees but keeps his hips and upper body facing down hill so that only his knees and feet turn around.

This sport needs some equipment like ski boots and skis that are safe to use. The skis are usually made up of wood or composite materials like carbon Kevlar. The use of wood is said to have conquered the market but the composite material also does not lag behind as they tend to be more light, strong and durable. The boots also play an important role while skiing and they need to be with strong and rigid soles which should be attached from the heel and toe sides with the help of spring loaded binding. The boots used by women are comparatively lighter and softer than the ones worn by men.

Downhill, giant slalom, slalom and super giant slalom are the Alpine Race skis. The skier who reaches the destination in the fastest time is declared as the winner. This race consists of five events for both men and women and the rules are also similar except for that the duration of women is shorter as compared to men. The racing ones need to be chosen keeping in mind the trail conditions for example narrow waist ones are suitable for easy turns whereas broad waist ones are suitable for deep and light snow.

These used in this recreational activity are nowadays are more advanced and flexible. As the broader skis gained market the youngsters opted for them more because of its ability to perform stunts. The Scott P4 Alpine ski has been reviewed as one of the best to be used as they have great value and performance. They also turn very flexibly and their durability is extremely good. Another ski known as the Mantra has been reviewed as very good and quick in hard snow.